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Decisions and Proposals

Decisions of the ERA and proposals from GGT published during the review of proposed revisions to the access arrangement are available in the tables below.

GGP Approved Access Arrangement Documentation

ERA & OffGAR Decisions

Date  Documents File type
18-Dec-08 Non-Material Revision - Amending the Extensions and Expansions Policy
Adobe PDF63.29 kB
14-Jul-05 Further Final Decision
Adobe PDF311.1 kB

14-Jul-05 Tariff Model - Further Final Decision
Adobe PDF162.8 kB

17-May-05 Final Decision
Adobe PDF1.46 MB

17-May-05 Tariff Model - Final Decision
Adobe PDF101.7 kB

27-Oct-04 Addendum to Amended Draft Decision
Adobe PDF855.1 kB

29-Jul-04 Amended Draft Decision
Adobe PDF1.7 MB

29-Jul-04 Amended Draft Decision: Summary
Adobe PDF35.8 kB

10-Apr-01 Draft Decision - Part A
Adobe PDF194 kB

Description: Part A of Draft Decision
10-Apr-01 Draft Decision
Adobe PDF809.1 kB

10-Apr-01 Draft Decision - Part B
Adobe PDF727.8 kB

ERA & OffGAR Issues Paper

Date  Documents File type
03-Dec-04 2004 revised proposed Access Arrangement: Issues Paper
Adobe PDF76.29 kB
11-Jan-00 1999 proposed Access Arrangement: Issues Paper
Adobe PDF159.9 kB

OffGAR Public Forum

Date  Documents File type
03-Jul-01 Transcript of Public Forum
Adobe PDF151.2 kB

18-May-01 Slide Show Presentation of Public Forum
Adobe PDF87.85 kB

GGP Proposed Access Arrangement Documentation


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