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Balancing Submission Guideline

The Balancing Submission Guideline is intended to provide guidance to Market Participants on the ERA’s current approach to monitoring compliance with Market Rule 7A.2.17. It also provides guidance on which costs the ERA considers may form part of a Market Participant’s Short Run Marginal Cost when making price and quantity offers into the Balancing Market to supply electricity for each 30 minute Trading Interval.

The closing date for submissions was 26 February 2018.

The final balancing submission guideline has been finalised and has been published below.

ERA Papers

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Date Documents File type
22-Feb-19 Guideline to inform Balancing Market offers
Adobe PDF 513 kB

22-Feb-19 Guideline to inform Balancing Market offers - Decision document
Adobe PDF 446 kB

03-Jan-18 Draft Balancing Submission Guideline
Adobe PDF 682 kB

Description: Draft Balancing Submission Guideline

Public submissions received in response to draft guideline

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