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Panel of Arbitrators

The ERA is required to establish a panel of people that are able to act as arbitrators in the event of a dispute between an access seeker and a railway owner in negotiating access to the railway owner's network, in accordance with the Railways (Access) Code 2000.

We may include or remove members of the panel only on the recommendation of the Chairman of the WA Chapter of the Institute of Arbitrators and Mediators Australia (IAMA) or the Perth Centre for Energy and Resource Arbitration.

The current panel of arbitrators was last updated on 17 March 2022 and includes:

  • Albert Monichino QC
  • Chris Pullin QC
  • John Gilmour
  • Matthew Zilko QC
  • Roger Gyles QC
  • Steven Goldstein
  • Toby Shnookal QC
  • The Hon Justice Clyde Croft QC
  • Barry Tozer
  • Dyson Heydon QC
  • Justin Gleeson SC
  • Paul D Evans
  • Samantha Nadilo
  • Wayne Martin QC
  • Ross Williams
  • Caroline Kenny QC
  • Greg Steinepreis
  • Kevin Lindgren QC
  • Ray Finkelstein QC
  • Scott Ellis
  • Lolita Mohyla AM
  • William (Tim) Sullivan
  • Hon Rene Le Miere QC
Page last updated: 17 Mar 2022