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Market Surveillance

The ERA monitors the effectiveness of the wholesale electricity market in meeting the wholesale market objectives and investigating any behaviour that has resulted in the market not functioning effectively. This includes:

  • Inappropriate and anomalous market behaviour including the abuse of market power and exploitation of any shortcomings of the Wholesale Electricity Market Rules
  • Market design and market structure problems and
  • The effectiveness of procurement processes of ancillary and balancing support services, including ancillary service contracts and balancing support contracts.

Market participants can notify the ERA of any behaviour that reduces the effectiveness of the market. Any notification provided should include the following information:

  • Date of notification
  • Party making the notification
  • The identity of the Party whom the notification is made against
  • Description of the behaviour and how it reduces the effectiveness of the wholesale electricity market (WEM)
  • Date and timing of behaviour observed (if applicable) and
  • Any other relevant information.

Notifications should be provided to the ERA at

Page last updated: 24 May 2018