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Do you need a licence?

There is a legal requirement to obtain a gas licence if you intend to:

  • construct a distribution system and transport gas through the system
  • transport gas through an existing distribution system, and if required for that purpose to make alterations to the system, and to operate and maintain the system
  • sell to small use customers gas transported through a distribution system.

The requirement for a gas licence is established by the Energy Coordination Act 1994.

If you wish to apply for a licence, please refer to our Licence Application Guideline and contact us.

Activities that do not require a gas licence

Activities that fall outside of the scope of the law include:

  • Sale of gas to a person who consumes more than 1TJ (large use customers)
  • Sale of gas by means other than reticulation such as bottled gas.

Exemptions from holding a gas licence

A person, or a class of persons, may be exempted from the requirement to hold a gas licence. For further information on the types of activities that may be eligible for an exemption application contact Energy Policy WA.

Page last updated: 15 Jun 2021