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Model Service Level Agreement

The model service level agreement is required under the Electricity Industry (Metering) Code 2012. A model service level agreement sets out terms and conditions on which metering services will be supplied by the network operator to a user. Individual metering service level agreements between a service provider and its users are based on this document.

Western Power’s current model service level agreement was approved in March 2006.

Review of Western Power's Model Service Level Agreement 2017

In October 2017 Western Power submitted an updated model service level agreement, which revised and expanded the metering services Western Power proposes to provide, for approval by the ERA.

The ERA received one public submission on the proposed model service level agreement. On 22 December 2017, Western Power provided an updated model service level agreement in response to Synergy’s public submission.

Updated proposed Model service level agreement

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09-Jan-18 WP_Updated_Proposed_MSLA
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Public submissions received in response to proposal

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Proposed Model Service Level Agreement

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