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Electricity Small Use Customers

Various regulations and Codes provide additional protection to electricity customers who are considered to have little or no market power. These customers are referred to as “small use customers” and are generally comprised of residential and small business customers.

A “small use customer” is a customer who consumes no more than 160MWh of electricity per year. This equates to an annual electricity bill of approximately:

$ 39,515 (A1 tariff)
$ 58,015 (L3 tariff)
Horizon Power
$ 39,515 (A2 tariff)
$ 58,015 (L4 tariff)

Contestable customer

Customers who consume 50MWh or more of electricity per year at each exit point (the point where your property or business is connected to the electricity network) may choose their own retailer. These customers are referred to as “contestable customers”.

The annual electricity bill of a customer who consumes 50MWh of electricity per year is approximately:

$ 12,460 (A1 tariff)
$ 14,235 (L1 tariff)
Horizon Power
$ 12,460 (A2 tariff)
$ 14,235 (L2 tariff)

Customers supplied under a different tariff or supplied by a different retailer

If you are a small use customer on a different tariff (for example, R3 Time of Use) or you are supplied by a retailer other than Synergy or Horizon Power, you can calculate your annual consumption by adding together the number of units you used over a year. The number of units you use each billing cycle and the length of that billing cycle is listed on your bill.

If you used no more than 160,000 units, you are considered to be a small use customer.

If you used 50,000 units or more, you are considered to be a contestable customer.

Page last updated: 03 Oct 2018