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Minimum STEM Price Review

The ERA is required to review the minimum Short Term Energy Market (STEM) price each year and determine, based on the Wholesale Electricity Market Rules review criteria, if the minimum STEM price is appropriate. The minimum STEM price is the lowest price that electricity can be offered at in the Wholesale Electricity Market’s balancing market. If the ERA determines that the minimum STEM price is either too high or too low, then a new value must be determined that will apply from the effective date published in the ERA’s final determination.

The ERA undertook two rounds of consultation with stakeholders to inform its 2022 determination on the minimum STEM price. In February 2022, the ERA invited stakeholders to comment on whether they considered the current minimum STEM price is appropriate. On 31 May 2022, the ERA released its draft determination report that the current minimum STEM price is appropriate for stakeholder consultation.

The ERA has published its final determination report for the 2022 review concluding that the minimum STEM price of $1,000/MWh is appropriate and will remain unchanged.


Date Documents File type
23-Aug-22 Final determination
Adobe PDF 807 kB

31-May-22 Draft determination
Adobe PDF 607 kB

Public Submissions - Draft determination

Date Documents File type
20-Jul-22 Alinta Energy
Adobe PDF 75 kB

20-Jul-22 Shell Energy Australia Pty Ltd
Adobe PDF 139 kB

20-Jul-22 Synergy
Adobe PDF 109 kB

Public Submissions

Date Documents File type
21-Mar-22 Alinta Energy
Adobe PDF 66 kB

21-Mar-22 Collgar Wind Farm
Adobe PDF 116 kB

21-Mar-22 Synergy
Adobe PDF 230 kB

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