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Rail Access

The WA Rail Access Regime is the framework for ensuring effective, fair and transparent competition on Western Australia’s railway network.

The railway network covered by the regime comprises about 5,000 route kilometres of track in the south-west of Western Australia, including the urban (predominately passenger) network and the non-urban freight network that is all standard and narrow gauge track and associated infrastructure west of Kalgoorlie.

Also covered by the Regime is The Pilbara Infrastructure (TPI) railway network currently comprising 620 kilometres of track into Port Hedland and the Roy Hill Infrastructure (RHI) railway, which is a single line running 345 kilometres into Port Hedland. These railways together are sometimes referred to by the ERA as 'The Pilbara Railways'.

Not included in the Regime’s coverage are the BHP-Billiton and Rio Tinto railway lines in the Pilbara, the railway line east of Kalgoorlie, which is owned by the Commonwealth Government and controlled by the Australian Rail Track Corporation.

Page last updated: 23 Jul 2019