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Access Arrangement Period 2000-2009

Goldfields Gas Transmission lodged its proposed access arrangement on 15 December 1999. The ERA released its further final decision on 14 July 2005 which approved the access arrangement proposal.

On 2 October 2008 GGT submitted a proposed revision to the approved access arrangement to amend the Extensions and Expansions Policy. The ERA approved this non-material revision which commenced on 1 January 2009.

Access Arrangement (non-material revision 2008)

Date Documents
File type
18-Dec-08 Access Arrangement
Adobe PDF127 kB
18-Dec-08 Access Arrangement Information
Adobe PDF140 kB

Access Arrangement

Date Documents
File type
14-Jul-05   Access Arrangement
Adobe PDF405 kB
14-Jul-05 Appendix 1
Adobe PDF361 kB
14-Jul-05 Appendix 2
Adobe PDF367 kB
14-Jul-05 Appendix 3
Adobe PDF1.2 MB
Access Arrangement Information 
Adobe PDF 620 kB

The ERA's decisions, GGT's proposals and public submissions received throughout the process are available below. 

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