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Regulatory Guidelines

The ERA has produced various guidelines, policies, reporting manuals and datasheets to assist licensees to comply with the conditions of their licence.

The current version of these documents are available from the tables below.

Annual Licence Reporting Manuals and Datasheets


Date Documents File type
30-May-23 Financial Hardship Policy Guidelines - Electricity Licences
Adobe PDF 456 kB

24-Jan-23 Financial Hardship Policy Guidelines - Gas Licences 2023
Adobe PDF 402 kB

09-Aug-22 2019 Audit and Review Guidelines: Electricity and Gas Licences
Adobe PDF 998 kB

19-Jan-22 ERA licence application guidelines - electricity, gas and water licences
Adobe PDF 520 kB

20-Dec-16 Customer Complaint Guidelines - December 2016
Adobe PDF 198 kB

Description: Customer Complaint Guidelines - December 2016
22-Oct-08 Gas Last Resort Supply Arrangements - Guidelines and Template Plan
Adobe PDF 157 kB

Description: (Licensing, Monitoring & Customer Protection Division) Licensing>Gas Licensing>Regulatory Guidelines
09-Jun-08 Utility Regulators Forum's Final Paper on National Energy Retail Performance Indicators (2007 SCONNRR Report) - May 2007
Adobe PDF 397 kB

Description: Please note this document is a Utility Regulators Forum's publication.
29-Apr-08 Guide to Legislation Applying to Electrical and Gas Supply System and Consumer Installations
Adobe PDF 39 kB


Date Documents File type
23-Feb-16 2016 Compliance Enforcement Policy
Adobe PDF 409 kB

Description: 2016 Compliance Enforcement Policy
24-Jan-07 Best Practice Utility Licensing
Adobe PDF 172 kB

Page last updated: 30 May 2023