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Multi-Function Asset Guideline

The ERA is required to develop a guideline setting out the approach it proposes to take in applying the multi-function asset principles outlined in the Electricity Networks Access Code 2004.

On 6 July 2021, the ERA published a consultation paper seeking views on matters discussed in the paper and any other issues or concerns not already raised in the paper. Public submissions received in response to the consultation paper are published below.


Date Documents File type
15-Oct-21 Multi-Function Asset Guideline - Decision
Adobe PDF 188 kB

Public Submissions received in response to the Consultation Paper

Date Documents File type
16-Aug-21 Australian Energy Council
Adobe PDF 527 kB

16-Aug-21 Perth Energy
Adobe PDF 124 kB

16-Aug-21 Synergy
Adobe PDF 835 kB

16-Aug-21 WALGA
Adobe PDF 281 kB

16-Aug-21 Western Power
Adobe PDF 140 kB

Consultation paper

Date Documents File type
06-Jul-21 Multi-Function Asset Guideline - Consultation Paper
Adobe PDF 171 kB

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