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Financial Hardship Policies

Electricity retailers who supply electricity to residential customers must have a financial hardship policy to assist their customers in meeting their financial obligations and responsibilities to the retailer.

The ERA is not required to approve financial hardship policies but the retailer must carry out a review of their policy if requested by the ERA and submit a copy of the results of their review, along with a copy of their policy, to the ERA.

The ERA has published Financial Hardship Policy Guidelines which provide guidance to retailers regarding the content of and good practice in the development and implementation of financial hardship policies.

Financial Hardship Policies that have been provided to the ERA can be accessed from the table below.

Date Documents
File type
3-Dec-21 Clear Energy Financial Hardship Policy
Adobe PDF  372 kB
4-Sep-18 Perth Energy Financial Hardship Policy Adobe PDF  236 kB
2-Feb-16 Horizon Power Financial Hardship Policy Adobe PDF  895 kB
23-Oct-15 Synergy Financial Hardship Policy Adobe PDF  4.8 MB
Page last updated: 03 Dec 2021