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Information and Communication Services

fees and charges

You are entitled to the following services on request and at no charge:

  • information services for customers with hearing or speech impairment
  • interpreting services
  • a large-print version of any of the provider’s publicly available documents
  • information about bills previously issued to the customer
  • information about the quantity of water supplied to, or wastewater discharged by, the customer in previous billing periods

In addition, a provider must make a range of information publicly available including:

  • fees and charges
  • bill payment methods and applicable fees and charges associated with each payment method offered
  • exemptions, discounts, rebates and concessions available
  • planned and unplanned interruptions of water supply
  • Bill estimation, metering reading and review of a bill
  • obligations of customers to ensure that access to a meter is available.
  • quality of water and its management as well as the sustainable use of water
  • when they may restrict or cut off the supply of water because of failure to pay a supply charge
  • that if a customer is offered a payment plan or other arrangement giving them more time to pay a bill or other arrears, they may not restrict or cut off supply, given the customer accepts this offer within 7 days and complies with the plan
  • that the supply of water cannot be cut off to an occupied dwelling unless the occupier agrees
Information on service and performance standards on individual licences can be found on the Water Licence Holders webpage.
Page last updated: 22 Mar 2024