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Gas Exchangeability in WA

Gas quality is required to be considered by the ERA as part of the terms and conditions of arrangements that provide third party access to natural gas pipelines in Western Australia. This paper has been issued in the interests of advancing the debate in economic regulation, recognising that matters of gas quality impact on access to gas pipelines.


Date Documents
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20-Dec-07 Gas Exchangeability in Western Australia
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Public Submissions

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19-Feb-08 Public Submission - The Australian Pipeline Industry (APIA) 
Adobe PDF 548 kB
16-Jan-08 Public Submission - Dampier Bunbury Pipeline (DBP)
Adobe PDF 1 MB
20-Dec-07 Public Submission - BP Developments Australia Pty Ltd
Adobe PDF 72 kB
20-Dec-07 Public Submission - Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association Limited
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20-Dec-07 Public Submission - Dampier Bunbury Pipeline (DBP)
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20-Dec-07 Public Submission - Woodside Energy Ltd
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