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Overpayment Rules (Part 5 Instruments)

Overpayment Rules establish a basis for the railway owner to reimburse operators in the event that total revenue earned on a particular route section exceeds total costs attributable to that route section. The Overpayment Rules apply only to operators who are provided with access under the Railways Access Code.

The approved overpayment rules are available in the table below.

Date Documents File type
02-Jun-10 Approved Over-payment Rules
Adobe PDF 214 kB

06-Apr-10 Final Determination
Adobe PDF 98 kB

Description: The Pilbara Infrastructure Pty Ltd (TPI) - Final Determination on TPI’s Proposed - Over-payment Rules
15-Jan-10 Consultant Report
Adobe PDF 115 kB

Description: PriceWaterhouseCoopers - Draft Report - Economic Regulation Authority - Review of Proposed Part 5 Instruments of The Pilbara Infrastructure Pty Ltd: Over-payment Rules - October 2009
15-Jan-10 Draft Determination
Adobe PDF 206 kB

Description: The Pilbara Infrastructure Pty Ltd (TPI) - Draft Determination on TPI’s Over-payment Rules
15-Aug-08 Draft Overpayment Rules
Adobe PDF 325 kB

Description: (Rail Access Division) Third Party Access>Rail - Determinations>Overpayment>Overpayment - The Pilbara Infrastructure Pty Ltd

Public Submissions

Date Documents File type
09-Mar-10 Public Submission - North West Iron Ore Alliance
Adobe PDF 707 kB

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