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Arbitration guide

The non-scheme pipeline arbitration guide provides guidance for arbitrators, and any person who may become a party to an access dispute, about the process for resolving disputes. This includes the matters that may be referred to arbitration, timelines and information requirements.

Date Documents File type
06-Sep-18 Non-scheme Pipeline Arbitration Guide
Adobe PDF1.1 MB

Pool of Arbitrators

The ERA has established a pool of experienced arbitrators to determine any access disputes under Part 23 of the National Gas Rules. The ERA, as scheme administrator, is responsible for referring access disputes to arbitration and liaising with parties on the appointment of a pool arbitrator. Part 23 of the National Gas Rules sets out when a dispute can be referred to arbitration and the process.

Member name Contact details Member profiles
Bronwyn Lincoln  Phone: (03) 9672 3368
Mobile: 0418 645 639
Bronwyn Lincoln (PDF 147kB)
Caroline Kenny Q.C.  Phone: (03) 9225 8591  
Mobile: 0438 088 591 
Caroline Kenny Q.C. (PDF 465kB)
Chris Zelestis QC  Phone (08) 9220 0420
Mobile: 0418 901 853 
Chris Zelestis QC (PDF 140kB)
David Jackson AM QC Phone: (02) 9151 2009
David Jackson AM QC (PDF 1.8MB)
Dominique Hogan-Doran SC FCIArb  Phone: (02) 9236 8622 
Mobile: 0410 665 772 
Dominique Hogan-Doran SC FCIArb (PDF 47kB)
Gordon Smith  Phone: (08) 9286 3125 
Email: gordon.smithcharb@bigpondcom
Gordon Smith (PDF 277kB)
Graham Anstee-Brook  Mobile: 0412 288 554 
Graham Anstee-Brook (PDF 272kB)
Greg Steinepries  Phone: (08)94297505
Mobile: 0411 145 615 
Greg Steinepries (PDF 249kB)
Jonathon Redwood  Phone: (02) 9376 0658 
Jonathon Redwood (PDF 142kB)
Karyn Reardon  Phone: (07) 3169 4799
Mobile: 0410 549 682 
Karyn Reardon (PDF 467kB)
Kevin Edmund Lindgren AM QC Mobile: 0414 914 827 
Kevin Edmund Lindgren AM QC (PDF 83kB)
Dr Michael Pryles AO PBM Phone: (03) 8590 5642    
Mobile: 0407 900 186 
Dr Michael Pryles AO PBM (PDF 152kB)
Michael Sweeney  Mobile: 0409 819 373 
Michael Sweeney (PDF 937kB)
Scott Ellis  Phone: (08) 9220 0511 
Mobile: 0419 956 433 
Scott Ellis (PDF 111kB)
Susan Crennan AC QC Phone: (03) 9225 6698 
Susan Crennan AC QC (PDF 568kB)
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