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Wholesale Electricity Market Effectiveness Reports

Every three years, the ERA must undertake a review to assess the extent to which the Wholesale Electricity Market is meeting the market objectives to: provide a secure and reliable supply of electricity, enable competition and minimise the long-term costs to consumers. As part of each review, the ERA seeks feedback from stakeholders through a discussion paper. The feedback we receive is considered as we prepare our report. The ERA's findings and recommendations are provided in a report to the Minister for Energy to table in Parliament. Once that occurs, we make the report available on our website after removing any commercially sensitive information. 

On 1 July 2021, the ERA's obligation under the Wholesale Electricity Market rules to report annually on the effectiveness of the WEM, ceased. Information on the ERA's last report under this obligation is provided under previous reviews.

On 29 July 2022, the ERA released a discussion paper seeking comment from interested parties. The consultation period closed on Sunday 28 August 2022. The ERA received nine submissions in response to the discussion paper which are available below.

The report was delivered to the Minister for Energy on 7 October 2022.


Date Documents File type
30-Nov-22 Report
Adobe PDF 6 MB

29-Jul-22 Discussion paper
Adobe PDF 6 MB

Public submissions

Date Documents File type
31-Aug-22 Alinta Energy
Adobe PDF 148 kB

30-Aug-22 Australian Energy Market Operator
Adobe PDF 907 kB

30-Aug-22 Australian Energy Council
Adobe PDF 268 kB

30-Aug-22 Collgar Wind Farm
Adobe PDF 459 kB

30-Aug-22 EnerCloud Consulting
Adobe PDF 307 kB

30-Aug-22 Perth Energy
Adobe PDF 201 kB

30-Aug-22 Sustainable Energy Now
Adobe PDF 411 kB

30-Aug-22 Synergy
Adobe PDF 84 kB

30-Aug-22 Water Corporation
Adobe PDF 154 kB

Previous reviews

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