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Non-Scheme Pipelines

The ERA is the scheme administrator and is responsible for enforcing and monitoring compliance with the non-scheme pipeline information disclosure and arbitration framework in Western Australia. The framework facilitates access to pipeline services on non-scheme pipelines on reasonable terms in order to reflect the outcomes of a workably competitive market. The framework provides a staged approach to assist parties wanting to ship gas on non-scheme pipelines. The stages consist of information disclosure by non-scheme pipelines, access negotiations, and the arbitration of access disputes. The framework is contained in Part 23 of the National Gas Rules which was adopted in Western Australia on 23 December 2017.

Under the National Gas Rules, a non-scheme pipeline owner/operator may apply to the ERA for an exemption from aspects of the information disclosure and arbitration framework where the relevant exemption criteria is satisfied. Affected service providers will need to assess their new regulatory obligations and if appropriate apply for an exemption. The ERA is required to maintain a public register of all exemptions and exemption revocations made.

The ERA will develop and publish a non-scheme pipeline arbitration guide and other prescribed publications in due course.

Page last updated: 01 Mar 2018