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The State Government of Western Australia can refer matters to the ERA for us to conduct an inquiry. The aim of these inquiries is to provide independent advice to Government on a specific issue, or set of issues.

An inquiry is initiated when the Treasurer sends a reference to the ERA. The terms of reference describe what the inquiry will cover, the scope of the inquiry, the reporting date and whether a public consultation period will be held.

Once complete, our final report is forwarded to the Treasurer, who must table it in Parliament within 25 sitting days of receiving it. The Western Australian Government makes the final decision on whether to adopt the recommendations proposed in the ERA’s report.

Current inquiry into business licensing reform in Western Australia

There are 700 state government licensing schemes covering business and occupational licences, registrations, permits, approvals and other similar requirements in Western Australia. Business and occupational licences are those needed to start a business, operate a business or work in a regulated occupation.

We have been asked to identify opportunities to improve licensing arrangements generally, and priority areas for reform, and to develop an analytical framework and guideline that State Government agencies can use to assess whether licences are needed, well-designed, and efficiently administered.

Page last updated: 03 Dec 2018