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Associate contracts between WA Gas Networks Pty Ltd and AlintaGas Sales Pty Ltd

There are two contracts between WA Gas Networks Pty Ltd (WAGN) and Alinta Sales which were approved by the Office of Gas Access Regulation (OffGAR) as “Associate Contracts” under the National Third Party Access Code for Natural Gas Pipeline Systems (Code).

The contracts are the haulage contract (approved on 18 April 2001) and the promotion contract (approved on 30 April 2002). When these contracts were approved by OffGAR, Alinta Limited (Alinta) had 100% ownership of AlintaGas Networks (now WAGN) and 100% ownership of Alinta Gas Retail (now Alinta Sales Pty Ltd). Therefore, the associate contracts were relevant to WAGN’s role as a ‘service provider’ to the extent that Alinta Sales was a related body of WAGN.

Page last updated: 28 Sep 2018