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2017 Inquiry into Reform of Business Licensing in WA

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The ERA has completed its inquiry into reform of State Government business and occupational licensing.

The inquiry began on 30 November 2017 and finished on 22 February 2019, when the ERA provided a final report, including recommendations, to the Treasurer. The final report was tabled in Parliament on 21 March 2019.

The ERA’s final report incorporated findings from an extensive public consultation process, including 73 submissions in response to its consultation papers and online questionnaire, and draft report. The submissions are available on our website.

Key documents

Date Documents File type
21-Mar-19 Final report
Adobe PDF 5 MB

21-Mar-19 List of state government business licences
Microsoft Excel 240 kB

21-Mar-19 State government business licence assessment tools and guide
Adobe PDF 1 MB

21-Mar-19 Fact sheet - Analytical framework and existing resources
Adobe PDF 184 kB

21-Mar-19 Fact sheet - Summary of recommendations
Adobe PDF 248 kB

22-Oct-18 Frontier Economics – Case studies on best practice licensing frameworks
Adobe PDF 987 kB

22-Oct-18 Fact sheet: Snapshot – Business licensing in Western Australia
Adobe PDF 272 kB

22-Oct-18 Fact sheet: A history of licensing in Western Australia
Adobe PDF 687 kB

22-Oct-18 Draft report
Adobe PDF 3 MB

19-Feb-18 Overview of the inquiry and consultation process
Adobe PDF 723 kB

19-Feb-18 Consultation paper 1: Priority areas for reform
Adobe PDF 636 kB

19-Feb-18 Consultation paper 2: Analytical framework and guideline
Adobe PDF 668 kB

Description: 2017LicInq—Consultation paper Analytical framework and guideline
19-Feb-18 Preliminary list of business licences
Microsoft Excel 178 kB

30-Nov-17 Terms of Reference
Adobe PDF 348 kB

Description: 2017 Inquiry into Reform of Business Licensing in WA
Page last updated: 11 Jun 2019