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Total and Incremental Costs

Arc Infrastructure must prepare total (maximum) and incremental (minimum) costs applicable to sections of its network for which an access proposal has been made or that the ERA considers is likely to be made. The ERA must either approve the Railway Owner's costs or make its own determination.

Date Documents
File type
07-Jun-09 Final Determination
Adobe PDF 552 kB
07-Jul-09 Rail Network Pricing Model
Microsoft Excel 363 kB
04-Mar-09 Draft Determination
Adobe PDF 522 kB
31-Jul-07 Final Determination - Corrigenda Version
Adobe PDF 363 kB
31-Jul-07 Total GTK's and Floor Costs - SWM and Brunswick to Premier
Adobe PDF 53.2 kB
30-Jul-07 WestNet Rail letter
Adobe PDF 1.1 MB
PriceWaterhouseCoopers Consultants Final Report
Adobe PDF 296 kB
26-Jun-07 Final Determination
Adobe PDF 354 kB
23-Mar-07 Draft Determination
Adobe PDF 425 kB 
23-Mar-07 PriceWaterhouseCoopers Consultants Report
Adobe PDF 204 kB
16-Mar-07 WestNet Rail supplementary submission
Adobe PDF 40 kB 
22-Dec-06 WestNet Rail supplementary submission
Adobe PDF 3.2 MB
22-Dec-06 WorleyParsons submission
Adobe PDF 1.9 MB
19-Oct-06 Proposed Floor and Ceilings for Grain Lines
Adobe PDF 154 kB
15-Sep-06 Proposed Floor and Ceilings for Mainline,Worsley line and Terminal End Bits Adobe PDF 207 kB
15-Sep-06 Consultants Report Adobe PDF 637 kB
Revised Ceiling Costs on the South West Main Line & Terminal Ends of the South West Main Line
Adobe PDF 21.8 kB
Adobe PDF 170 kB
Adobe PDF 133 kB
08-Jun-04 Submission on Ceiling Costs - June 2004
Adobe PDF 41 kB
20-May-04 Alcoa's Proposal for Rail Access to SW Mainline Adobe PDF 20.6 kB
Floor and Ceiling Costs
Adobe PDF 54 kB
 15-Oct-03  Determination
Adobe PDF 244 kB

Public Submissions

Date Documents
File type
14-May-07 WestNet Rail Supplementary submission
Adobe PDF1.5 MB
01-May-07 Alcoa and Worsley submission
Adobe PDF372 kB 
23-Apr-07 Australian Western Railroad Pty Ltd (ARG) submission
Adobe PDF695 kB
23-Apr-07 WestNet Rail submission
Adobe PDF620 kB 
09-Feb-07 Alcoa and Worsley supplementary response
Adobe PDF240 kB
Worsley Alumina Pty Ltd submission
Adobe PDF781 kB 
24-Nov-06 Alcoa and Worsley submission
Adobe PDF351 kB
24-Nov-06 Alcoa World Alumina Australia letter
Adobe PDF23.3 kB
26-Oct-06 Australian Rail Track Company (ARTC) submission
Adobe PDF93.8 kB
26-Oct-06 Australian Rail Track Company (ARTC) letter
Adobe PDF113 kB
08-Apr-04   Australian Wheat Board submission
Adobe PDF21 kB
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