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The ERA publishes notices relating to its activities and decisions. Email subscribers are advised of announcements as soon as they are published. Subscribe to our mailing list.

ERA notices are available chronologically in the table below. You can use the boxes below to filter to a particular industry and type of activity.

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Date Documents File type
09-Aug-13 Information - Amanda Energy Pty Ltd - Decision on Electricity Retail Licence Application
Adobe PDF 61 kB

06-Aug-13 Consultation - Guidelines for the Rate of Return for Gas Transmission and Distribution Networks - Invitation for Submissions
Adobe PDF 49 kB

01-Aug-13 Information - Guidelines for the Rate of Return for Gas Transmission and Distribution Networks - Publication of workshop summary and submissions received on Cost Of Debt Working Paper
Adobe PDF 49 kB

25-Jul-13 Consultation - Alinta Sales Pty Ltd - Electricity Standard Form Contract
Adobe PDF 80 kB

24-Jul-13 Consultation - Alinta Energy Transmission (Roy Hill) Pty Ltd - Electricity Integrated Regional Licence Application
Adobe PDF 99 kB

23-Jul-13 Information - Western Power’s Technical Rules - Exemptions to Western Power's Technical Rules
Adobe PDF 42 kB

22-Jul-13 Information - Proposal for Access - Section 10(1) of The Railways (Access) Code 2000 - Publication of Submissions
Adobe PDF 48 kB

15-Jul-13 Consultation - Water Licence Review - Proposal to amend Water Services Operating Licences
Adobe PDF 87 kB

15-Jul-13 Information - Shire of Yilgarn - 2013 Asset Management System Review
Adobe PDF 90 kB

15-Jul-13 Publication - City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder - Operational audit and asset management system review report
Adobe PDF 102 kB

10-Jul-13 Consultation - Bunbury Water Board (t/a Aqwest) - Amendment to Water Services Operating Licence 2
Adobe PDF 78 kB

09-Jul-13 Information - 2013 Weighted Average Cost of Capital - Public Transport Authority, Brookfield Rail and The Pilbara Infrastructure
Adobe PDF 84 kB

08-Jul-13 Information - Gas Marketing Code Consultative Committee - New Appointment
Adobe PDF 75 kB

04-Jul-13 Consultation - Amanda Energy Pty Ltd - Application for Electricity Retail Licence
Adobe PDF 45 kB

04-Jul-13 Consultation - Water Corporation - Amendment to Water Service Operating Licence 32
Adobe PDF 84 kB

04-Jul-13 Information - Aquasol Pty Ltd - Water Services Licence Amendment
Adobe PDF 72 kB

28-Jun-13 Notice - Inquiry into Western Australia’s Home Indemnity Insurance Arrangements - Final Report Delivered to the Treasurer
Adobe PDF 40 kB

27-Jun-13 Information - The Pilbara Infrastructure Floor and Ceiling Cost Proposal - Publication of Submission
Adobe PDF 44 kB

26-Jun-13 20130626 D105428 - Publication - 2013/14 Price List Determination for Western Powers Electricity Network - Determination
Adobe PDF 42 kB

26-Jun-13 Information - Alinta Sales Pty Ltd (ta Alinta Energy) - Contravention of Type 1 Licence Obligation
Adobe PDF 46 kB

26-Jun-13 Publication - Tronox Management Pty Ltd - Performance Audit and Asset Management System Review Report
Adobe PDF 89 kB

24-Jun-13 Consultation - Review of methodology for setting the Maximum Reserve Capacity Price and the Energy Price Limits in the Wholesale Electricity Market - Consultation Paper
Adobe PDF 74 kB

21-Jun-13 Information - Shire of Gnowangerup - 2011 Asset Management System Review
Adobe PDF 203 kB

17-Jun-13 Consultation - Rate of Return Guidelines for Gas - Stakeholder Workshop
Adobe PDF 45 kB

17-Jun-13 Information - Amendment to the Code of Conduct for the Supply of Electricity to Small Use Customers - Final Decision
Adobe PDF 103 kB

14-Jun-13 Consultation - 2013 Review of the Gas Marketing Code of Conduct
Adobe PDF 72 kB

14-Jun-13 Publication - 2012 Wholesale Electricity Market Report to the Minister for Energy - Report
Adobe PDF 181 kB

12-Jun-13 Information - Economic Regulation Authority Consumer Consultative Committee - Meeting of 5 June 2013
Adobe PDF 40 kB

12-Jun-13 Information - Goldfields Gas Pipeline Quarterly Reference Tariff Adjustment by CPI - 1 July 2013 to September 2013
Adobe PDF 41 kB

11-Jun-13 Publication - 2013 Energy Price Limits - Final Decision
Adobe PDF 46 kB

04-Jun-13 Consultation - Proposal for Access - The Pilbara Infrastructure PL - Request For ERA Decision Pursuant To Section 10(1) Of The Railways (Access) Code 2000
Adobe PDF 82 kB

04-Jun-13 Information - 2013/14 Price List Determination for Western Power’s Electricity Network - Determination
Adobe PDF 41 kB

04-Jun-13 Publication - Proposed Variations to Western Power’s Access Arrangement for 2012/13 to 2016/17: Price Control - Final Decision
Adobe PDF 52 kB

31-May-13 Information - Financial Hardship Policies - 2013 Assessments
Adobe PDF 79 kB

31-May-13 Information - Walkaway Wind Power Pty Ltd - 2013 Performance Audit And Asset Management System Review
Adobe PDF 75 kB

30-May-13 Information - Extension of Time to Publish Model Technical Rules
Adobe PDF 102 kB

29-May-13 Publication - 2012 Water, Wastewater and Irrigation Performance Report
Adobe PDF 45 kB

27-May-13 Consultation - The Pilbara Infrastructure Pty Ltd Floor And Ceiling Cost Determination - Invitation For Public Submissions
Adobe PDF 76 kB

27-May-13 Information - Proposed Price Control Variations for Western Power - Public Submissions
Adobe PDF 40 kB

22-May-13 Publication - The Pilbara Infrastructure – Amended Costing Principles
Adobe PDF 37 kB

22-May-13 Publication - The Pilbara Infrastructure - Notification of approval and publication of amended segregation arrangements
Adobe PDF 102 kB

17-May-13 Consultation - Proposed Variations to Western Power’s Access Arrangement for 2012/13 to 2016/17 - Issues Paper
Adobe PDF 83 kB

17-May-13 Information - Extension of Review Period - Customer Service Charters
Adobe PDF 103 kB

17-May-13 Information - The Pilbara Infrastructure - Direction by the Authority to The Pilbara Infrastructure to amend its Costing Principles
Adobe PDF 41 kB

13-May-13 Consultation - Code of Conduct for the Supply of Electricity to Small Use Customers - Amendments to Clause 9.13
Adobe PDF 30 kB

10-May-13 Information - Code of Conduct for the Supply of Electricity to Small Use Customers - Authority Proposed Amendments - Clause 9.13
Adobe PDF 103 kB

07-May-13 Information - Electricity Code Consultative Committee - Appointment of Members and Commencement of 2013 Code Review
Adobe PDF 42 kB

07-May-13 Information - Shire of Ravensthorpe - Amendments to Customer Service Charter
Adobe PDF 73 kB

30-Apr-13 Information - Shire of Brookton - 2012 Asset Management System Reivew
Adobe PDF 79 kB

30-Apr-13 Publication - ERM Power Retail Pty Ltd - Performance Audit Report
Adobe PDF 89 kB

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