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Public Submissions

The ERA received two submissions in response to the issues paper and 22 submissions in response to the Draft Decision on ATCO Gas Australia Pty Ltd’s proposed revised access arrangement. The proposed access arrangement, issues paper and draft decision are available on our website.

Public Submissions in response to proposed amendments to the Final Decision

Date Documents File type
Alinta Energy
Adobe PDF 333 kB
Adobe PDF 243 kB
ATCO's Further Submission on Depreciation
Adobe PDF 1118 kB
Adobe PDF 102 kB
Energy Networks Association Adobe PDF876 kB

Public Submissions in response to Draft Decision (other parties)

Date Documents File type
22-Jan-15 Chamber of Commerce and Industry WA Adobe PDF588 kB
20-Jan-15 Energy Supply Association of Australia Adobe PDF136 kB


Alcock Brown-Neaves Group
Adobe PDF652 kB
Alinta Energy
Adobe PDF264 kB
Chamber of Minerals & Energy
Adobe PDF92 kB
Cossill & Webley
Adobe PDF116 kB
Danmar Homes
Adobe PDF108 kB
Dampier to Bunbury Pipeline
Adobe PDF488 kB
Dampier to Bunbury Pipeline Appendix A
Adobe PDF2.39 MB
Dampier to Bunbury Pipeline Appendix B
Adobe PDF772 kB 
Energy Networks Association
Adobe PDF432 kB
Housing Industry Association
Adobe PDF96 kB
Highbury Homes
Adobe PDF68 kB
Adobe PDF828 kB
Master Builders WA
Adobe PDF708 kB
Master Plumbers and Gasfitters Association of WA
Adobe PDF 576 kB
Optimal Group Australia
Adobe PDF 108 kB
Peet Limited Adobe PDF 124 kB
Property Council of Australia
Adobe PDF 2.51 MB
Rheem Australia Adobe PDF100 kB
Rinnai Australia
Adobe PDF100 kB
Adobe PDF100 kB
Urban Development Institute of Australia (UIDA)
Adobe PDF 1.25 MB
Western Australian Local Government Association (WALGA)
Adobe PDF168 kB
EnergySafety (reinforcement projects) Adobe PDF 396 kB
EnergySafety (greenfields connections) Adobe PDF 336 kB

Public Submissions in response to Draft Decision (ATCO)

Date Documents File type


ATCO Cover Letter to ERA - 22 December 2014
Adobe PDF6.31 MB
ATCO - Alinta WACC in the coverage application
Adobe PDF264 kB
CEG Letter to ATCO on NIP Adobe PDF156 kB
CEG Report on new issue premium Adobe PDF1.05 MB
ATCO Gas comment on recent rate of return information published by the ERA
Adobe PDF272 kB 
ATCO Cover letter to ERA - 19 December 2014

Adobe PDF704 kB
Benchmarking for marketing corrected table and supplementary information to ERA Adobe PDF 188 kB
Spending by GTEs on Communications in 2013-2014 Adobe PDF224 kB
Revised Table 6-20 NPV analysis by incentive program
Adobe PDF136 kB
Copy of Figure 6-14 BD and Marketing expenditure by activity Adobe PDF304 kB
ATCO Cover Letter to ERA - 23 December 2014 Adobe PDF848 kB
Letter to Brent Stewart Adobe PDF3.90 MB
Marketing Strategies Final Report Adobe PDF1.57 MB
Supplementary Opinion by Brent Stewart Adobe PDF92 kB

Public Submissions in response to the Issues paper

Date Documents File type
Alinta Energy - issues paper submission
Adobe PDF 227 kB
29-May-14 Kleenheat Gas - issues paper submission Adobe PDF 2.3 MB
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