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Market Procedures

The Market Rules require Market Procedures to be developed and maintained. The Market Procedures set out the processes required to carry out obligations under the Market Rules.

The ERA is responsible for maintaining two Market Procedures. Current versions of these procedures are available below:

Date Documents
File type
23 May 2017 Monitoring Protocol
Adobe PDF 112 kB
15 Jan 2013 Maximum Reserve Capacity Price
Adobe PDF 311 kB

Requesting a Procedure Change

Only the party responsible for a Market Procedure can initiate the Procedure Change Process for that procedure. Rule Participants may suggest changes to a Market Procedure. All suggestions for amendment or replacement of an ERA Market Procedure should be sent to

Other Market Procedures 

AEMO's Market Procedures are available from AEMO's Market Web Site.

The ERA is required to approve AEMO’s Monitoring and Reporting Protocol Market Procedure. The ERA published its decision to approve AEMO’s protocol on 15 May 2019.

The Rule Change Panel's Market Procedures are available on their website.

ERA Procedure Change Processes

Page last updated: 15 May 2019