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Mid West Energy Project (Southern Section) Augmentation


Date Documents
File type
27-Jan-12 Final Determination
Adobe PDF 511 kB

27-Jan-12 Geoff Brown & Associates Ltd - Comments on Chapter 3
Adobe PDF 146 kB

29-Nov-11 Marsden Jacob Associates - Review
Adobe PDF 676 kB

28-Nov-11 Geoff Brown & Associates Ltd - Technical review
Adobe PDF 183 kB

14-Nov-11 Draft Determination
Adobe PDF 54 kB

26-Aug-11 Issues Paper
Adobe PDF 231 kB


Date Documents
File type
26-Aug-11 Cover letter
Adobe PDF121 kB

26-Aug-11 Formal Proposal
Adobe PDF601 kB

26-Aug-11 Attachment 1 - Transmission Substation Design Definition Report
Adobe PDF1.41 MB

26-Aug-11 Attachment 1 - Transmission Design Definition Report
Adobe PDF1.1 MB
26-Aug-11 Attachment 2 - Planning Considerations
Adobe PDF259 kB

26-Aug-11 Attachment 2 - Planning Report
Adobe PDF378 kB

26-Aug-11 Attachment 3 - Delivery Strategy
Adobe PDF329 kB

26-Aug-11 Attachment 3 - Delivery Strategy Attachment
Adobe PDF267 kB

29-Aug-11 Attachment 4 - Incremental Revenue Estimates
Adobe PDF1 kB
29-Aug-11 Attachment 4 - Net Market Benefits of Mid West Transmission Link
Adobe PDF762 kB
29-Aug-11 Attachment 4 - Letter Reviewing the Market Net Benefits
Adobe PDF175 kB

26-Aug-11 Attachment 5 - Scope for Estimate
Adobe PDF207 kB

26-Aug-11 Attachment 6 - High Voltage Trasnmission Lines Construction
Adobe PDF33 kB

Public Submissions

Date Documents
File type
04-Jan-12 Chamber of Minerals and Energy - Draft Determination
Adobe PDF3.4 MB
15-Dec-11 ACIL Tasman - Draft Determination
Adobe PDF60 kB
15-Dec-11 Alinta Energy - Draft Determination
Adobe PDF1.92 MB
15-Dec-11 Australian Pipeline Trust - Draft Determination
Adobe PDF63 kB
15-Dec-11 City of Greater Geraldton - Draft Determination
Adobe PDF3.58 MB
15-Dec-11 Crosslands Resources Ltd - Draft Determination
Adobe PDF1.6 MB
15-Dec-11 ERM Power Pty Ltd - Draft Determination
Adobe PDF61 kB
15-Dec-11 Geraldton Iron Ore Alliance - Draft Determination
Adobe PDF179 kB
15-Dec-11 Geraldton Port Authority - Draft Determination
Adobe PDF236 kB
15-Dec-11 LandCorp - Draft Determination
Adobe PDF47 kB
15-Dec-11 Landfill Gas and Power - Draft Determination
Adobe PDF1.09 MB
15-Dec-11 Mid West Development Commission - Draft Determination
Adobe PDF139 kB
15-Dec-11 Perenjori - Draft Determination
Adobe PDF69 kB
15-Dec-11 Regional Development Australia - Draft Determination
Adobe PDF88 kB
15-Dec-11 Western Australian Farmers Federation - Draft Determination
Adobe PDF32 kB
15-Dec-11 Western Power - Draft Determination
Adobe PDF1.61 MB
23-Nov-11   RPV Developments - Issues paper
Adobe PDF61.9 kB
Vestas - Issues paper
Adobe PDF52.5 kB
Vestas reference document by the University of New South Wales
Adobe PDF2.1 MB
Vestas reference document by POYRY for the European Wind Energy Association
Adobe PDF 4.4 MB
ERM Power Limited - Issues paper
Adobe PDF 136 kB
Crosslands Resources - Issues paper
Adobe PDF424 kB
APA Group - Issues paper
Adobe PDF50.4 kB
Shire of Perenjori - Issues paper
Adobe PDF104 kB
Synergy - Issues paper
 Adobe PDF1.6 MB
Wind Prospect Pty Ltd - Issues paper
Adobe PDF662 kB
Extension Hill - Issues paper
Adobe PDF248 kB
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