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Total and Incremental Costs

The Public Transport Authority must prepare total (maximum) and incremental (minimum) costs applicable to those sections of its network for which an access proposal has been made or that the ERA considers is likely to be made. The ERA must either approve the Railway Owner's costs or make its own determination.

Date Documents
File type
25-Sep-09 Final Determination Adobe PDF315 kB
18-Sep-09 Revised Floor Costs Proposal - Submitted 15 September 2009 Adobe PDF478 kB
18-Sep-09 Revised Ceiling Costs Proposal - Submitted 11 September 2009 Adobe PDF924 kB
12-Nov-08 Request for Section 9 Determinations Adobe PDF714 kB
14-Oct-04 Floor and Ceiling Costs Determination Adobe PDF137 kB
26-May-04 Request for Section 9 Determinations Adobe PDF165 kB
Page last updated: 22 Jun 2016