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Segregation Arrangements

A railway owner must make arrangements to segregate its access-related functions from its other functions, and must have appropriate controls and procedures to ensure that the measures in place operate effectively and are complied with.

2017 Review

The ERA is seeking submissions on revisions proposed by the Public Transport Authority to its Segregation Arrangements. Submissions are due by 4:00pm (WST) Tuesday 13 March 2018 and should be made via our online submission lodgement portal.

Date Documents
File type
09-Feb-18 Proposed Segregation Arrangements Adobe PDF518 kB
09-Feb-18 Current Segregation Arrangements - Marked up showing changes Adobe PDF616 kB

Current Segregation Arrangements

The approved segregation arrangements are available in the table below.

Date Documents
File type
11-Apr-03 Regulator's letter of acceptance Adobe PDF119 kB
01-Apr-03 Segregation Arrangements Adobe PDF189 kB
06-Jun-02 Final Determination Adobe PDF186 kB
14-May-02 Public Transport Authority's comments on the Draft Determination Adobe PDF65.8 kB
24-Apr-02 Draft Determination Adobe PDF189 kB
07-Dec-01 Proposed Segregation Arrangements Adobe PDF142 kB