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Harvey Water Bulk Water Pricing (2007)

In 2006 the ERA undertook an inquiry into the Water Corporation's water storage charges to the South West Irrigation Cooperative (Harvey Water). The ERA published 12 public submissions in response to an issues paper and a draft report. The submissions are available on our website.

In addition to the information raised in submissions, the ERA drew on a number of reports prepared by Consultants in developing its recommendations.

The ERA’s final report was delivered to the Treasurer on 12 April 2007 and tabled in Parliament on 9 May 2007.

A revised final report was delivered to the State Government on 22 June 2007. The revised final report incorporated a number of changes to the financial model used by the ERA for the final report. The changes arose as a result of due diligence carried out by Harvey Water and the Water Corporation in preparation for the signing of a new Bulk Water Supply Agreement. The revisions did not alter the conclusions of the final report, although they did increase the charges to Harvey Water.


Date Documents
File type
04-Jul-07 Revised Final Report
Adobe PDF 849 kB
14-May-07  Consultant Report - Dam Safety
Adobe PDF 346 kB
Consultant Report - Equity, Efficiency and Protection Against Tort Liability
Adobe PDF 350 kB
Final Report
Adobe PDF 923 kB
08-Mar-07 Amended Terms of Reference Adobe PDF 12 kB
14-Dec-06 Draft Report Adobe PDF 565 kB
04-Dec-06 Consultant Report - Harvey Water - Safety Standards and Compliance
Adobe PDF 603 kB
14-Dec-06 Consultant Report - Harvey Water - Cost Sharing Issues Adobe PDF 380 kB
14-Dec-06 Consultant Report - Harvey Water - Notes on Pricing Frameworks Adobe PDF 337 kB
14-Dec-06 Consultant Report - Recreational Value of the South West Irrigation Dams Adobe PDF 251 kB
17-Oct-06 Review of Dam Safety Program Relating to South West Irrigation Dams Adobe PDF 3.6 MB
13-Oct-06 Issues Paper
Adobe PDF 287 kB
13-Oct-06 Gazettal Notice
Adobe PDF 951 kB
05-Oct-06 Terms of Reference Adobe PDF 13.7 kB