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Wholesale Electricity Market Effectiveness Report 2012/13

Our 2013 review of the effectiveness of the Wholesale Electricity Market focused mainly on the operation of the new Balancing and Load Following Ancillary Services market arrangements. The review also included a preliminary assessment of the merger of Verve Energy and Synergy, and the market power concerns that would need to be addressed to encourage effective competition and efficient dispatch of electricity generation.

The report also highlighted significant issues that were identified in previous reports:

  • review of the market design in relation to ensuring capacity is available
  • governance arrangements for the Wholesale Electricity Market
  • review of market design in relation to access to the network
  • new Balancing and Load Following Ancillary Services markets.

Our discussion paper was published in September 2013 and we received five submissions from the public. Our report was delivered to the Minister for Energy and published on our website in March 2014.

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