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Review of Synergy’s Regulatory Scheme 2016

The ERA completed its third annual review of the EGRC regulatory scheme for 2016.

We received four public submissions and one confidential submission in response to our discussion paper, published in May 2017.

The report was delivered to the Minister for Energy on 13 September and tabled in Parliament on 29 November 2017.

The report recommended changes to the regulations to encourage more competition in the Wholesale Electricity Market through price discounting, product innovation and improving opportunities for contracting. The report found that retailers considered the standard product specifications were too rigid, and some of the contract terms and conditions were onerous. The report recommended that Synergy should review and amend its specifications to encourage more trading in standard products.

ERA Papers

Date Documents File type
29-Nov-17 2016 EGRC Report to the Minister
Adobe PDF 8 MB

22-May-17 Discussion Paper for 2016 Review of EGRC Regulatory Scheme
Adobe PDF 709 kB

Description: Discussion Paper for 2016 Review of EGRC Regulatory Scheme

Public submissions received in response to issues paper

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