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2009 Review of Ancillary Services Requirements, Processes and Standards - First Draft Report (Review undertaken by IMO)

Date submitted: 17 April 2009

Date first published on the Independent Market Operator's website: 17 April 2009

Closing date: 15 May 2009

Current status: The submission period is now closed

Background: In accordance with clause 3.15.1 of the Wholesale Electricity Market Rules, at least once in every 5 year period starting from Energy Market Commencement, the Independent Market Operator (IMO), with the assistance of System Management, must carry out a study on the Ancillary Service Standards and the basis for setting Ancillary Service Requirements.

The study must include:

  • Technical analyses determining the relationship between the level of Ancillary Services provided and the South-West Interconnected System (SWIS) Operating Standards set out in clause 3.1.
  • Identification of the expected costs that would result from an increase in the requirements for Ancillary Services due to additional Facilities connecting to the South West Interconnected System.
  • A cost-benefit study on the effects on stakeholders of providing and using a variety of levels of each Ancillary Service.
  • A public consultation process.

The IMO engaged Sinclair Knight Merz to undertake the study.

The Second Draft Report and the Final Report can be found here.

Documents related to this consultation

First Draft Report [PDF 1.3MB]

Submissions received

Energy Response [PDF 133kB]

Landfill Gas & Power [PDF 513kB]

System Management [PDF 92kB]

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