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2009 Review of Ancillary Services Requirements, Processes and Standards - Second Draft Report (Review undertaken by IMO)

Date first published on the Independent Market Operator's website: 12 August 2009

Current status: The final report has been produced

Background: In accordance with clause 3.15.1 of the Wholesale Electricity Market Rules, at least once in every 5 year period starting from Energy Market Commencement, the Independent Market Operator (IMO), with the assistance of System Management, must carry out a study on the Ancillary Service Standards and the basis for setting Ancillary Service Requirements.

The study must include:

  • Technical analyses determining the relationship between the level of Ancillary Services provided and the South-West Interconnected System (SWIS) Operating Standards set out in clause 3.1.
  • Identification of the expected costs that would result from an increase in the requirements for Ancillary Services due to additional Facilities connecting to the SWIS.
  • A cost-benefit study on the effects on stakeholders of providing and using a variety of levels of each Ancillary Service.
  • A public consultation process.

The IMO engaged Sinclair Knight Merz to undertake the study.

Documents related to this consultation

Final Report [PDF 901kB]

Second Draft Report [PDF 1.4MB]

Submissions received- second draft report

Energy Response [PDF 13kB]

Landfill Gas & Power [PDF 854kB]

System Management [PDF 165kB]

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