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Rule Change: RC_2009_10

Type: Standard Rule Change Process

Submitter: IMO

Title: Early Certified Reserve Capacity

Market Rules Affected: Clauses 4.1.1A, 4.5.2, 4.9.3, 4.11.1, 4.12.6, 4.15.1, 4.15.2, 4.28C (new), 4.28C.1 (new), 4.28C.2 (new), 4.28C.3 (new), 4.28C.4 (new), 4.28C.5 (new), 4.28C.6 (new), 4.28C.7 (new), 4.28C.8 (new), 4.28C.9 (new), 4.28C.10 (new), 4.28C.11 (new), 4.28C.12 (new), 4.28C.13 (new), 4.28C.14 (new), 4.28C.15 (new), Chapter 11 Glossary and Appendix 3

Date Submitted: 21 April 2009

Date First Published on the IMO Website: 24 April 2009

Current Status: The Amending Rules commenced 1 February 2010

Timeline for this change

Event Date Comments
Notification Published 24/04/2009  
First Submission period 28/04/2009 – 09/06/2009 The submission period is 30 B-Days from the date the IMO published the notification
Draft Report published 07/07/2009 Must be published within 20 B-Days after the end of the submission period
Second submission period 08/07/2009 – 04/08/2009 The submission period is 20 B-Days from the date the IMO published the Draft Report
Final Report Published 15/09/2009 The timeframe for publishing the Final Rule Change Report was extended in accordance with a notice published 17 August 2009.
Rule Commencement 01/02/2010  

Documents related to this change proposal

Submissions received in the first submission period

Alinta [71kB]

Submissions received in the second submission period

Alinta [80kB]

Documents relating to public workshop

Agenda [81kB]

Submissions recieved after public workshop

ANZ [50kB]

Aviva [122kB]

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