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Rule Change: RC_2008_38

Type: Standard Rule Change Process

Submitter: System Management

Title: Least cost determination of ancillary service contracts

Market Rules Affected: Clauses 3.11.8E (new), 6.17.6

Date Submitted: 12 December 2008

Date First Published on the IMO Website: 18 December 2008

Date Final Report Published: 12 May 2009

Current Status: The amending rules commenced at 8:00am 01 June 2009


Event Date Comments
Notification Published 18/12/2008  
First Submission period 18/12/2008 – 5/02/2009 The submission period is 6 weeks from the date the IMO published the notification
Draft Report published 12/03/2009 Must be published within 20 B-Days after the end of the submission period
Second submission period 13/03/2009 – 09/04/2009 The submission period is 20 B-Days from the date the IMO published the Draft Report
Final Report Published 12/05/2009 Must be published within 20 B-Days after the end of the second submission period
Rule Commencement 01/06/2009  

Documents related to this change proposal

Submissions received in the first submission period

Alinta [56kB]

Submissions received in the second submission period

Least Cost Determination of Ancillary Services Workshop

Meeting Minutes [154kB]

Notice under Clause 2.5.12

20 February 2009

In accordance with clause 2.5.10 of the Market Rules, the IMO has extended the timeframe to prepare the Draft Rule Change Report for the Rule Change Proposal titled " Lead cost determination of ancillary service contracts " (Ref: RC_2008_38). Publication of the Draft Rule Change Report is extended until Thursday 12 March 2008. As a consequence of this extension, the remaining timelines for processing the proposal have been adjusted as follows:

  • Second Submission Period ends        9 April 2009
  • Final Report Published                          12 May 2009

Reason for the extension
Given the issues identified during the first submission period, the IMO has decided that it will be beneficial to conduct a public workshop prior to preparing the Draft Rule Change Report. The objective of this workshop would be to review the issues raised from submissions.

Views from Rule Participants consulted on the extension
When deciding to extend the submission period, the IMO consulted with System Management who did not express any objections to the IMO regarding the proposed extension of the first submission period.

Proposed Work Programme

  • Workshop held to discuss the issues highlighted in submissions along with any other related concerns
  • The IMO collates and summarises the discussions
  • The IMO presents the outcomes in the Draft Rule Change Report
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