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Rule Change: RC_2008_17

Type: Standard Rule Change Process

Submitter: IMO

Title: Commissioning Tests and the Reserve Capacity Mechanism

Market Rules Affected: 3.21A.7, 3.21A.7A (new), 4.1.26, 4.10.1, 4.27.10, 4.27.10A (new), 4.27.11, 4.27.11A (new), 4.27.11B (new) , 4.27.11C (new), 4.27.11D (new), 4.27.12, 6.5.1A and 6.5.1C.

Date Submitted: 10 April 2008

Date First Published on the IMO Website: 11 April 2008

Date Final Report Published: 18 August 2008

Current Status: Closed. The Amending Rules resulting from this Rule Change commenced at 08.00am on 1 September 2008

Preliminary Timeline for this change

Event Date Comments
Proposal Received by IMO 10/04/2008  
Notification Published 11/04/2008  
First Submission period 11/04/2008 – 23/05/2008 The submission period is 6 weeks from the date the IMO published the notification
Draft Report published 23/06/2008 Must be published within 20 B-Days after the end of the submission period
Second submission period 24/06/2008 – 21/07/2008 The submission period is 20 B-Days from the date the IMO published the Draft Report
Final Report Published 18/08/2008 Must be published within 20 B-Days after the end of the second submission period
Rule Commencement 01/09/2008  

Documents related to this change proposal

Submissions received in the first submission period

Submissions received in the second submission period

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