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Rule Change: RC_2008_13

Type: Fast Track Rule Change Process

Submitter: Economic Regulation Authority

Title: Economic Regulation Authority’s Budget

Market Rules Affected: 2.24.5 (amended), 2.24.5A (new)

Date Submitted: 05 March 2008

Date First Published on the IMO Website: 14 March 2008

Date Final Report Published: 15 March 2008

Current Status: Closed. The Amending Rules commenced at 08.00am on 15 May 2008

Timeline for this change

Event Date Comments
Proposal Received by IMO 05/03/2008  
Notification Published 14/03/2008  
Requests to be Consulted 25/03/2008 The last date a Rule Participant can contact the IMO requesting to be consulted on the change.
Consultation Period 17/03/2008 – 08/04/2008 Must be completed within 15 B-Days from the date the notification is published
Final Report Published 15/04/2008 Must be published within 20 B-Days from the date the notification is published
Minister’s Approval 14/05/2008 Section 2.24 is a protected provision and any amendments require approval by the Minister
Rule Commencement 15/05/2008  

Documents related to this change proposal

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