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Rule Change: RC_2007_11

Submitter: Alinta Sales Pty Ltd

Title: IRCR for new meters – customer peak load diversity

Market Rules Affected: Appendix 5

Date Submitted: 26 June 2007

Date First Published on the IMO Website: 04 July 2007

Date Final Report Published: 17 August 2007

Current Status: Closed. The amendments to Appendix 5 commenced on 1 September 2007

Timeline for this Change

Event Date Comments
Proposal Received by IMO 26-06-2007  
Notification Published 04-07-2007  
Requests to be Consulted 11-07-2007 The last date a Rule Participant can contact the IMO requesting to be consulted on the change.
Consultation Period 04-07-2007 – 25-07-2007 Must be completed within 15 B-Days from the date the notification is published
Final Report Published 17-08-2007 The timeline was extended by 15 Business Days
Rule Commencement Date 1 September 2007  

Documents related to this change proposal

Final Report [155kB]

Submissions received during the consultation period

Eneabba Gas [88kB]

Synergy [49kB]

Verve Energy [39kB]

Notice under Clause 2.5.11

1 August 2007

In accordance with clause 2.5.11 of the Market Rules, the IMO has extended the timeframe for publishing the Final Rule Change Report with respect to the Market Rule Change Proposal titled "IRCR for new meters - customer peak load diversity" (Ref: RC_2007_11). The timeframe is extended by 15 days and therefore the IMO's Final Rule Change Report will be published on or before 22 August 2007.

The reason for the extension is that, as a consequence of the consultation process undertaken on the Rule Change Proposal, the IMO has identified the need to conduct additional analysis regarding the proposed rule change. The IMO proposes to conduct the necessary analysis and hold a workshop with the Participants who responded to the IMO request for consultation, to discuss the results of that analysis and the potential need for modifications to the Rule Change Proposal as a result of that analysis.

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