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WEM Procedure Change Process

The Rule Change Panel develops and changes WEM Procedures that relate to its functions in accordance with the Market Rules.

AEMO and the ERA also have responsibility under the WEM Rules for WEM Procedures related to their specific functions.

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Overview of Procedure Change Process

Only the party responsible for a WEM Procedure under the WEM Rules (responsible procedure administrator) can initiate the Procedure Change Process for that procedure. Rule Participants may however approach the responsible procedure administrator with suggested changes to a WEM Procedure.

All suggestions for amendment or replacement of a Rule Change Panel WEM Procedure should be sent to

Any Procedure Change Proposal must be:

  • consistent with the Wholesale Market Objectives; and
  • consistent with the Market Rules, the Electricity Industry Act 2004 and Regulations.

The Wholesale Market Objectives are:

  • to promote the economically efficient, safe and reliable production and supply of electricity and electricity related services in the South West interconnected system;
  • to encourage competition among generators and retailers in the South West interconnected system, including by facilitating efficient entry of new competitors;
  • to avoid discrimination in that market against particular energy options and technologies, including sustainable energy options and
  • technologies such as those that make use of renewable resources or that reduce overall greenhouse gas emissions;
  • to minimise the long-term cost of electricity supplied to customers from the South West interconnected system; and
  • to encourage the taking of measures to manage the amount of electricity used and when it is used.

AEMO, the Economic Regulation Authority and the Rule Change Panel are all subject to the same process for developing new procedures or making changes to existing procedures. Once the responsible procedure administrator has developed a new procedure or a proposed amendment to an existing procedure it publishes a Procedure Change Proposal and a call for submissions from the public. The Rule Change Panel may convene the Market Advisory Committee (MAC) to discuss the proposal.

Following consideration of submissions, the responsible procedure administrator is required to publish a Procedure Change Report that includes details of the original proposal, a summary of submissions received and the responsible procedure administrator’s response to matters raised in submissions, amended wording of the procedure, and a time and date for the new procedure to come into force.

WEM procedures have more process-related detail than the WEM Rules and are expected to be subject to relatively frequent refinements and updates.

The issues addressed in the procedures can be quite technical and specialised, so the MAC has decided to convene working groups to study these issues.

Making a submission to a Procedure Change

Anyone can make a submission relating to a Procedure Change Proposal, during the period indicated for public submissions.

Submissions must be made using the form that is available on AEMO’s Market Web Site

All submissions relating to Rule Change Panel Procedure Change Proposals must reach the Rule Change Panel before 5:00 pm (WST) on the final submission date, unless otherwise noted.

A submission must clearly state which Procedure Change Proposal is being addressed, using the reference number provided in the Procedure Change Proposal. Please relate each submission to a single Procedure Change Proposal.

Page last updated: 01 Feb 2021