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Rule Change Process

The WEM Rules and GSI Rules provide for anyone to propose a Rule Change Proposal by completing a Rule Change Proposal Form. To facilitate the development of proposals, align similar proposals and enable orderly consideration of proposals, the Rule Change Panel recommends external parties wishing to propose a rule change to first contact the Executive Officer to discuss the issue to be addressed. These discussions will also assist the proponent to frame the proposal and identify how the rule change will further enable the achievement of the Wholesale Market Objectives or GSI Objectives.

Usually the Market Advisory Committee (MAC) or Gas Advisory Board (GAB) considers proposals in the early stages (i.e. as Concept Papers or Pre Rule Change Proposals) informally before they are submitted into the formal process.

Once formally submitted, the Rule Change Proposal will be processed according to the process in the WEM Rules or GSI Rules. A Rule Change Proposal can be processed using either the standard or the fast track process.

The Standard Rule Change Process includes two rounds of consultation and will usually take around 19 weeks. It involves consultation on a draft report published by the Rule Change Panel prior to the publication of a final report. In consulting on a Rule Change Proposal, the Rule Change Panel may convene the MAC or GAB, meet with interested parties, procure technical advisers, or establish a technical working group drawing on industry representatives if this is considered necessary to appropriately develop or evaluate changes.

The Fast Track Rule Change Process is a shorter process that normally takes around five weeks to complete and is used when the proposal:

  • is of a minor or procedural nature; or
  • is required to correct a manifest error; or
  • is urgently required and:
    • for WEM Rule Change Proposals, is essential for the safe, effective and reliable operation of the market or the SWIS; or
    • for GSI Rule Change Proposals, is essential for the effective operation of the GBB.

The Rule Change Panel’s decision on whether to accept a Rule Change Proposal, and its reasons, will be published together with a time and date when the accepted Amending Rules will come into force.

If the Rule Change Proposal relates to a Protected Provision (see clause 2.8.13 of the WEM Rules or subrule 142(2) of the GSI Rules), the Rule Change Panel must seek the Minister for Energy's approval.

Page last updated: 01 Feb 2021