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Propose a Rule Change

Any person may make a Rule Change Proposal to amend the Market Rules or GSI Rules by completing and submitting the relevant Rule Change Proposal form below.

Any Rule Change Proposal must explain how it will enable the Market Rules or GSI Rules to better contribute to the achievement of the Wholesale Market Objectives or GSI Objectives. 

You can lodge your Rule Change Proposal with the Rule Change Panel by:

Email to:

Post to:       Rule Change Panel
                   Attn: Executive Officer
                   C/o Economic Regulation Authority
                   PO Box 8469
                   PERTH  BC WA  6849

Previous Rule Change Proposals

You can view Market Rule Change Proposals here.

You can view GSI Rule Change proposals here.

Rule Change Proposal Forms

Gas Services Information Rule Change Proposal Form 32 kB

Wholesale Electricity Market Rule Change Proposal Form 32 kB

Page last updated: 20 Oct 2018