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Rule Change: RC_2013_15

Type: Standard Rule Change Proposal

Submitter: IMO

Title: Outage Planning Phase 2 - Outage Process Refinements

Market Rules Affected:  Clauses 3.4.1, 3.18.2, 3.18.2A, 3.18.3, 3.18.4, 3.18.4A, 3.18.5, 3.18.5C, 3.18.5D, 3.18.6, 3.18.7, 3.18.8, 3.18.9,  3.19.1, 3.19.2, 3.19.2A (new), 3.19.2B (new), 3.19.2C (new), 3.19.2D (new), 3.19.3, 3.19.3A,  3.19.3B (new), 3.19.4A (new), 3.19.11, 3.19.12, 3.20.1, 7A.2.4, 7A.2.4A (new), 7A.2.4B (new), 7A.2.4C (new), 7A.2.8A (new), 7A.2.9, 7A.2.9A (new), 7A.2.9B (new), 7A.2.9C (new), 7A.2A.1 (new), 7A.2A.2 (new), 7A.2A.3 (new) and the Glossary.

Date Submitted: 24 December 2013

Current Status: The timeframe for preparing the Draft Rule Report has been further extended in accordance with the Extension Notice published on 21 December 2017. The Draft Rule Change Report is due is due to be published on 31 December 2018.

Event Date Comments
Notification Published 24/12/2013
First Submission Period 27/12/2013 - 04/03/2014 The submission period has been extended to 45 B-Days from the date the IMO published the Rule Change Notice.
Draft Report Published 31/12/2018 The timeframe for preparing the Draft Rule Change Report has been further extended in accordance with the Extension Notice published on 21 December 2017.
Second Submission Period 31/12/2018- 30/01/2019 The submission period is at least 20 B-Days from the date the Rule Change Panel published the Draft Report.
Final Report Published 27/02/2019 Must be published within 20 B-Days after the end of the second submission period.
Provisional Commencement TBA

Documents related to this Rule Change Proposal

Rule Change Notice and Proposal [297kB]

Extension Notice (10 April 2014) [204kB] 

Extension Notice (26 May 2014) [204kB]

Extension Notice (19 December 2014) [126kB]

Extension Notice (28 April 2015) [149kB]

Extension Notice (8 June 2015) [90kB]

Extension Notice (15 July 2015) [193kB]

Extension Notice (29 September 2015) [193kB]

Extension Notice (19 October 2015) [89kB]

Extension Notice (18 December 2015)
Extension Notice (27 June 2016) [88kB]

Extension Notice (10 April 2017) [219 kB]

Extension Notice (21 December 2017) [235 kB PDF]

Submissions received in the first submission period

Alinta Energy [104kB]

Community Electricity [64kB]

ERM Power [220kB]

Synergy [63kB]

System Management [157kB]

Western Power [75kB]

Submissions received out of session

Bluewaters Power [137kB]

Perth Energy [312kB]

Page last updated: 06 Nov 2018