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Title: Transitional Changes to Market Procedure: Procedure Administration

Current Status: The amended Market Procedure commenced at 8:00 AM on 3 April 2017.

On 26 November 2016 responsibility for the Administration Procedure contemplated under clause 2.9.5 of the Market Rules transferred from AEMO to the newly established Rule Change Panel.

In accordance with clauses 1.18.2(c) and 1.19.1 of the Market Rules the Rule Change Panel made several amendments to the Market Procedure: Procedure Administration to:

  • reflect the transfer of various functions (including responsibility for this Market Procedure) to the Rule Change Panel; and
  • maintain consistency between the Market Procedure and the Market Rules.

Under clauses 1.18.2(d) and 1.19.2 of the Market Rules the amended Market Procedure may commence operation on the date and time determined by the Rule Change Panel and published on the Market Web Site. The Rule Change Panel determined that the amended Market Procedure would commence at 8:00 AM on 3 April 2017.

Clean and tracked changes versions of the amended Market Procedure are available below.

Procedure Administration Market Procedure (183 kB PDF) - 3 April 2017

Procedure Administration Market Procedure (tracked changes) (220 kB PDF) - 3 April 2017

Page last updated: 02 Apr 2017