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System Management Procedure Change and Development Working Group

At its first meeting, held on 28 February 2007, the Market Advisory Committee (MAC) agreed to establish a permanent Working Group to assist System Management in considering, assessing and developing changes to the System Management Market Procedures which the Market Rules require System Management to develop. The Working Group was to be summoned by System Management when new procedures were developed or existing procedures needed to be modified. On 8 November 2017 the MAC disbanded the Working Group as it had been replaced by the AEMO Procedure Change Working Group.

Working Group members

Member Company Representing on the Working Group
Mike Davidson System Management  Chair 
Fiona Edmonds Alinta Energy Industry Representative 
Tremayne Pirnie The Griffin Group  Industry Representative 
John Nguyen Perth Energy  Industry Representative 
Rene Kuypers Infigen Energy  Industry Representative
Steve Gould Community Electricity
Industry Representative 
Stewart Richardson ERM Power Industry Representative 
Nick Walker Verve Energy  Verve Energy 
John Rhodes Synergy  Synergy 
Adrian Theseira System Management System Management 
Kate Ryan Independent Market Operator Independent Market Operator

The Terms of Reference of the System Management Procedure Change and Development Working Group is available below

Meeting Papers and Minutes

Meeting 1 (23 July 2007)

Meeting 2 (30 September 2008)

Meeting 3 (4 November 2008)

Meeting 4 (11 December 2008)

Meeting 5 (22 May 2009)

Meeting 6 (19 June 2009)

Meeting 7 (12 November 2009)

Meeting 8 (5 October 2010)

Meeting 9 (28 October 2010)

Meeting 10 (12 December 2011)

Combined Meeting Papers [1.0MB]

Meeting 11 (14 August 2013)

Meeting 11 Agenda [14kB]

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