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Renewable Energy Generation Working Group

The Renewable Energy Generation Working Group (REGWG) was nominated by MAC at its meeting on 12 March 2008 and held its final meeting on 2 September 2010. The group’s scope was to consider and assess system and market issues arising from the increase in the national Mandatory Renewable Energy Target (MRET) to 45,000 GWh by 2020. In particular, the Working Group focuses on issues related to:

  • intermittent renewable energy generation
  • Capacity Credits allocated to intermittent generators through the Reserve Capacity Mechanism and
  • the impact on demand for ancillary services and system security at times of low load.

The IMO prepared a summary report on the process and outcomes of the REGWG that was presented to MAC at the 10 November 2010 meeting and finalised after the receipt of feedback from MAC members.

Meeting Information

Please note that views presented in member reports and presentations do not necessarily reflect the views of the Working Group.

Other Relevant Papers

SKM Scoping Report and Responses: Assessment of the Impacts of Intermittent Generation

Work Packages

The Working Group was tasked with investigating the range of issues presented by renewable energy generators and to develop and propose solutions to the various issues. A Work Program which broadly comprise four Work Packages was established to address these issues.

Work Package 1: Scenarios for Modelling Renewable Generation in the SWIS

ROAM Consulting was appointed to undertake Work Package 1 and was required to:

  •  identify existing policies or regulations that may promote or impede intermittent generators or dispatchable renewable energy generators locating in the SWIS as a precursor to scenario development;
  • determine the likely scenarios for the future generation mix in the SWIS as a result of State and Federal Government policies and regulations; and
  • identify the key drivers and constraints that determine these scenarios and how changes in those drivers would change the scenario outcomes.

Work Package 2: Reserve Capacity and Reliability Impacts

MMA was appointed to undertake Work Package 2 and was required to:

  • review whether capacity based on average output is a reasonable approximation to the capacity value of intermittent generation sources and
  • If not, identify and review other available measures that:
    • reflect the impact on system reliability
    • are robust with acceptable volatility of measure and
    • are easy to understand and apply without detailed system modeling.

Initial Draft Report (January 2010) - Work Package 2 [745kB]

Work Package 3: Frequency Control Services

ROAM Consulting was appointed to undertake Work Package 3 and was required to:

  • determine whether the existing spinning reserve, load following, curtailment and demand response criteria in the SWIS are adequate for the forecast levels of intermittent generation, and the projected scenarios for the overall generation mix
  • determine whether intermittent generators can be used to provide the frequency control services required including load following for overnight load troughs and
  • determine the cost and the method of allocating of these costs associated with the provision of frequency control services for the forecast penetration levels of intermittent generation.

Final Report - Work Package 3 [5.2MB]

Work Package 4: Technical Rules

Sinclair Knight Merz was appointed to undertake Work Package 4 and was required to:

  • evaluate the appropriateness of the existing Technical Rules and Power System Operating Procedures as applied to intermittent generators and
  • recommend changes resulting from increased penetration of intermittent generators in the SWIS.
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