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GSI Rule Changes

Amending Rules Proposed by the Minister

The Public Utilities Office (PUO) is currently preparing amendments to the GSI Rules to facilitate the abolition of the Independent Market Operator (IMO). These Amending Rules are to be approved by the Minister and published in the Gazette. These Amending Rules are to be made in conjunction with regulations to dissolve the IMO, and will come into effect on a date determined by the Minister, likely to be in April 2018.

The PUO previously consulted on the Amending Rules, and comments closed on 9 March 2018. A copy of the Amending Rules that were the basis of this consultation are available here: Draft amendments of GSI Rules for IMO abolition

Please contact the PUO by email at if you would like further information.

Amending Rules Gazetted by the Minister since 2015

Gazette Gazetttal Date Name Commencement Date(s)
2016/209 25/11/2016 Gas Services Information Amending Rules 2016 26/11/2016
2016/116 30/06/2016 Gas Services Information Amending Rules 2016 01/07/2016
2015/179 27/11/2015 Gas Services Information Amending Rules 2015 30/11/2015


Anyone can propose a change to the GSI Rules for consideration by the Rule Change Panel. Any Rule Change Proposal must work to enable the achievement of the GSI Objectives.

Prior to the establishment of the Rule Change Panel the Independent Market Operator (IMO) was responsible for approving Rule Change Proposals.

The table below list all Rule Change Proposals considered by the Rule Change Panel or IMO.

ID Date submitted Title Submitted by Date commenced
GRC_2017_01 27/11/2017 Amendments to Schedule 2 - GBB Zones AEMO 03/01/2018
GRC_2015_01 27/02/2015 Amendments to Schedule 2 - GBB Zones Independent Market Operator 20/03/2015
GRC_2014_02 24/02/2014 Submission of Medium Term Capacity Outlook Independent Market Operator 31/07/2014
GRC_2014_01 09/07/2014 GSI Fee Arrangements - Inclusion of Registered Production Facility Operators Public Utilities Office 01/01/2015