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Gas Advisory Board Meetings

This page contains the meeting papers, presentations and minutes from all Gas Advisory Board meetings since it was implemented by the Independent Market Operator (IMO) in 2011.

Generally we publish papers for upcoming meetings after they are circulated to members. The minutes are generally confirmed at the next meeting and then published.

Upcoming meeting dates

  • 25 March 2021
  • 23 September 2021

Meeting Papers

Meeting Dates Documents
17 September 2020
Meeting Papers [PDF 1MB]
12 March 2020

Meeting Papers [PDF 1MB]
Minutes [PDF 150kB]

26 September 2019
Meeting Papers [PDF 2MB]
28 March 2019 Meeting Papers [PDF 702kB]. This GAB Meeting was cancelled. The meeting papers were circulated to members out of session.
27 September 2018

Meeting Papers [PDF 396kB]
Minutes [PDF 262kB]
AEMO Presentation: 2018 WA GSOO Update [PDF 245kB]

7 May 2018

Meeting Papers [PDF 199kB]
Minutes [PDF 297kB]
AEMO Presentation: 5-Yearly Review of the WA GSOO [PDF 190kB]

28 March 2018 Meeting Papers [PDF 689kB]
Minutes [PDF 257kB]
AEMO Presentation: 5-Yearly Review of the WA GSOO overview and role of GAB (updated presentation from the one circulated in the papers pack) [PDF 218kB]
20 September 2017
GAB Meeting No. 2017-01
Meeting Papers [PDF 243kB]
Minutes [PDF 98 kB]
AEMO Presentation: Meeting 2017-01 - 2017 Western Australia gas statement of Opportunities (GSOO) [PDF 434kB]

GAB meetings prior to the Rule Change Panel

From 2011 to 2016 the GAB was managed by the IMO. All papers from those GAB meetings are available in the table below.

Meeting date Documents
7 September 2016
GAB Meeting No. 27
(Additional Meeting) Papers [PDF 536kB]
Agenda item 5 - 2016 Gas Statement of Opportunities (GSOO) [PDF 260kB]
26 July 2016
GAB Meeting No. 26
Meeting Papers [PDF 59kB]
Minutes [PDF 316kB]
25 February 2016
GAB Meeting No. 24
Meeting Papers [PDF 71kB]
Minutes [PDF 94kB]
20 October 2015
GAB Meeting No 22.
Meeting Papers [PDF 2MB]
Minutes [PDF 152kB]
Presentation GBB Zones Review [PDF 20kB]
Presentation Opportunities to enhance information published on the GBB [PDF 253kB]
15 July 2015
GAB Meeting No. 21
Meeting Papers [PDF 1MB]
Minutes [PDF 145kB]
Presentation - Agenda item 08 GBB Zones [PDF 364kB]
Presentation - Agenda item 10 GBB Data Visualisations [PDF 609kB]
Presentation - Agenda item 11 Opportunities to enhance information published on the GBB [PDF 431kB]
26 May 2015
GAB Meeting No. 20
Meeting Papers [PDF 362kB]
Minutes [PDF 249kB]
Presentation Recent Disruptions to Production [PDF 699kB]
16 December 2014
GAB Meeting No. 18
Meeting Papers [PDF 867kB]
Minutes [PDF 209kB]
Presentation 2014 Audit Update [PDF 160kB]
Presentation Overview of information from the GBB [PDF 468kB]
14 October 2014
GAB Meeting No. 17
Meeting Papers [PDF 1MB]
Minutes [PDF 279kB]

16 July 2014
GAB Meeting No. 16

Meeting Papers [PDF 1MB]
Minutes [PDF 269kB]
20 May 2014
GAB Meeting No. 15
Meeting Papers [PDF 1MB]
Minutes [PDF 98kB]
GAB Meeting No. 15 Additional Paper and Updated Agenda [PDF 61kB]
Presentation Market Reform - High Level Design for a WA Gas Market [PDF 1MB]
Presentation Proposed Gas Market Fees [PDF 198kB]
Presentation Wallumbilla Supply Hub Development [PDF 284kB]
18 February 2014
GAB Meeting No. 14
Meeting Papers [PDF 1MB]
Minutes [PDF 117kB]
Development of a WA Gas Market [PDF 1MB]
17 December 2013
GAB Meeting No. 13
Meeting Papers [PDF 691kB]
Minutes [PDF 81kB]
Emergency Management Facility Test Presentation [PDF 433kB]
15 October 2013
GAB Meeting No. 12
Minutes [PDF 80kB]
Presentation GISP Wrap Up [PDF 277kB]
17 July 2013
GAB Meeting No. 11
Meeting Papers [PDF 145kB]
Minutes [PDF 74kB]
Presentation - Agenda Item 7 [PDF 819kB]
10 April 2013
GAB Meeting No. 10
Meeting Papers [PDF 656kB]
Minutes [PDF 75kB]
19 March 2013
GAB Meeting No. 9
Meeting Papers [127 kB]
Minutes [171 kB]
7 February 2013
GAB Meeting No. 8
Meeting Papers [PDF 127kB]
Minutes [PDF 171kB]
15 November 2012
GAB Meeting No. 7
Meeting Papers [PDF 373kB]
Minutes [PDF 60kB]
9 October 2012
GAB Meeting No. 6
Meeting Papers [PDF 2MB]
Minutes [PDF 33kB]
11 September 2012
GAB Meeting No. 5
Meeting Papers [PDF 207kB]
Minutes [PDF 40kB]
9 August 2012
GAB Meeting No. 4
Meeting Papers [PDF 1MB]
Minutes [PDF 187kB]
Supplementary Paper for item 7 - Draft Guiding Principles [PDF 66kB]
15 May 2012
GAB Meeting No. 3
Meeting Papers [PDF 438kB]
Minutes [PDF 264kB]
Supplementary Paper - Item 8 GSI Regulations Overview [PDF 45kB]
28 March 2012
GAB Meeting No. 2
Meeting Papers [PDF 981kB]
Minutes [PDF 68kB]
Supplementary Paper - Agenda Item 6 [PDF 889kB]
20 December 2011
GAB Meeting No. 1
Meeting Papers [PDF 140kB]
Minutes [PDF 45kB]
Letter from DRET re IP for Bulletin Board System [PDF 70kB]
Page last updated: 18 Sep 2020