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Concept Papers

Concept Papers foster analysis and discussion of complex issue(s) that can affect the WEM Rules and GSI Rules.

Any person may submit a Concept Paper for consideration by the Market Advisory Committee (MAC) or Gas Advisory Board (GAB). A person wishing to submit a Concept Paper should first contact the Executive Officer to discuss the issue(s), and then submit the paper by email to The Chair of the MAC or GAB (as applicable) is responsible for the prioritisation of any Concept Papers submitted and the scheduling of papers for discussion by the relevant committee.

Concept Papers that have been considered previously by the MAC and GAB are listed below.

Concept Papers

ID Date submitted Title Submitted by Date presented to the MAC or GAB Status
CP_2014_08 06/08/2014 Annual Approval of Facility Costs to Streamline Ancillary Service Procurement Independent Market Operator (IMO) 13/08/2014 Complete
CP_2013_06 01/10/2013 Changes to the Reserve Capacity Price and the Dynamic Refunds Regime Independent Market Operator (IMO) 09/10/2013 Complete
CP_2013_05 01/08/2013 Availability, Outages and Constraint Payments for Non-Scheduled Generators Independent Market Operator (IMO) 07/08/2013 Complete
CP_2013_04 31/07/2013 Outage Planning Phase 2 - Outage Process Refinements Independent Market Operator (IMO 07/08/2013 Complete
CP_2013_03 12/06/2013 Harmonisation of Supply-Side and Demand-Side Capacity Resources Independent Market Operator (IMO) 20/03/2013 Complete
CP_2013_02 20/03/2013 Clarification of GST Treatment Independent Market Operator (IMO) 20/03/2013 Complete
CP_2013_01 20/03/2013 Incentives to Improve Availability of Scheduled Generators Independent Market Operator (IMO) 20/03/2013 Complete
CP_2012_03 01/08/2012 Dispatch Tolerance Ranges Independent Market Operator (IMO) 12/09/2012 Complete
CP_2012_02 30/07/2012 Early Entry Capacity Payments Synergy 08/08/2012 Complete
CP_2012_01 06/06/2012 2011 Outage Planning Review Recommendations - Information Transparency Independent Market Operator (IMO) 13/06/2012 Complete
CP_2011_02 27/05/2011 Curtailable Load Dispatch for NCS System Management 08/06/2011 Complete
CP_2011_01 27/04/2011 Placement of Curtailable / Dispatchable Loads in the DMO System Management 11/05/2011 Complete
CP_2010_01 17/02/2010 Net STEM Shortfall Independent Market Operator (IMO) 17/02/2010 Complete
CP_2009_03 10/06/2009 Outcomes of the Consultation on the MAC Constitution and Operating Practices Independent Market Operator (IMO) 10/06/2009 Complete
CP_2009_03 29/04/2009 MAC Constitution and Operating Practices Independent Market Operator (IMO) 29/04/2009 Complete
CP_2009_01 11/02/2009 Reserve Capacity Timeframes: Further Consideration Independent Market Operator (IMO) 11/02/2009 Complete
CP_2008_01 24/11/2008 Reserve Capacity Timeframes Independent Market Operator (IMO) 10/12/2008 Complete
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