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Train Path Policy (Part 5 Instruments)

The train path policy is a railway operator’s statement in relation to:

  • the allocation of train paths and
  • the provision of access to train paths that have ceased to be used.

The approved train path policy is available in the table below.

Date Documents
File type
01-Feb-18 Train Path Policy Adobe PDF77 kB
29-May-08 Train Path Policy Adobe PDF170 kB
29-May-08 Final Determination Adobe PDF91 kB
21-Jun-07 Train Path Policy Adobe PDF185 kB
01-Jan-04 Train Path Policy Adobe PDF156 kB
17-Mar-03 Regulator's letter of acceptance Adobe PDF106 kB 
06-Dec-02 Final Determination Adobe PDF201 kB
07-Dec-01 Train Path Policy Adobe PDF144 kB

Public Submissions

Date Documents
File type
30-Jan-02 Leisure Rail WA Ltd  Adobe PDF151 kB
30-Jan-02 Keith Jones Adobe PDF587 kB
Page last updated: 01 Feb 2018